simple Holiday mantle

We’re working on some pretty involved Holiday decor this week…but that doesn’t mean every detail of seasonal decoration has to be over the top.  Regular readers of the Tracery Blog know that we love simple design solutions–and the mantle we decked out today is a great example of that.

The fireplace in the Family Room of this Mountain Brook, Alabama home is rustic and simple–two simply carved ‘legs’ topped with a square mantle shelf–all of antique french limestone.  Paired with paint-glazed pecky cypress paneled walls, this room is warm and casual.  We wanted the holiday decor of the mantle to match the feeling of the room.  Paige and Doug draped fresh green cypress garland over the mantle shelf and then wrapped charcoal grey satin ribbon through the greenery.  Since grey is the signature color of this home, the color of the ribbon is a nice tie in to the overall design scheme found elsewhere.  To complete the design, Paige and Doug placed three tall white candles in simple clear glass hurricanes.

The end result is just as simple and relaxed as the rest of the room, but still festive for the Holiday season.  And it’s an easy solution anyone can recreate for quick and easy seasonal decor.

The wonderful encaustic over the fireplace, by the way, is by Nashville artist Charlotte Terrell.  We purchased the piece from The Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham, as well as another diptych by the same artist which hangs in this home’s Keeping Room.  We think the natural beauty of the cypress garland is perfect with the rustic theme of the artwork, don’t you?

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