we’re going grey!

Did you notice we’ve updated our logo ever so slightly?  It showed up on Facebook last week and we changed out the one at the top of the blog a few days ago. 

It’s a subtle change from the old one…we basically just cleaned up the line work a little bit and most importantly, we’ve updated the color of our logo.  Tracery’s gone grey–we’ll be introducing new business cards, shopping, bags, etc over the next few weeks.  We’ve used chocolate brown as ‘our color’ for the past few years, but we all were in the mood for something new.  We think it’s crisp and up to date, what do y’all think?

Our logo is, of course, a visual representation of our name’s definition–ornamental linework from gothic architecture.  Ryan Davis with our sister company, The G Brand, is responsible for our ‘look’ and updated the design and color scheme for us.  Ryan’s also working hard on a brand new website for us which we are really excited about…we hope to have it live around the beginning of 2010.

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