bring it inside!

Our approach to flowers is much like our approach to everything else when it comes to interior design:  9 times out of 10, simple and natural is better.  While we don’t profess to be professional florists, we know enough to put together a simple and beautiful arrangement (and we have some really talented friends to help us when we need them to!).  One of our favorite ways to create natural looking arrangements that complement our interiors is to look just outside–literally, in the yard of a home.  If a flower or plant looks great on the outside of a home, chances are it will look just as good on the inside!  We thought today was a great day to share this trick with so much last-minute house cleaning and table setting taking place…

When we styled one of our Mountain Brook, Alabama projects for a photoshoot, we took our clippers out in the yard and brought some wonderful oak leaf hydrangea blooms inside.  Placed simply into a clear hourglass-shaped vase (our favorite style of container), these natural and slightly crunchy blooms are the perfect complement to the polished marble tabletop and antique french door in the background [photo by Colleen Duffley].

Doug took a similar approach in preparing his home for hall, clipping these bittersweet colored berries from his back yard and displaying them inside.

On the kitchen window sill, three white porcelain Ikea vases (we know, they look a lot more expensive then they are…Paige has the same ones in her kitchen!) are the perfect complement to these simple bits of fall color.

Doug placed a larger arrangement of the same branches on top of the vintage chest in his bedroom, again in an hourglass-shaped clear glass vase.


No need for an elaborate arrangement for your holiday table tomorrow, just look out the window and be inspired by the natural beauty in your garden!

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