ta da!


We are gearing up for Rosemary Beach’s annual Halloween festivities next week and definitely had a little ‘Martha’ inspiration this year. A little spray paint & glitter can go a long way! Bess selected a variety of pumpkins and gourds from Lowes & a local pumpkin patch then headed to Home Depot for the best spray paint selection in town. After settling on a hammered metal gold, mint green and the perfect grey it was time to get to work. Word to the wise: gloves are a great investment when spray painting small items that you might be holding, trust us on this one. Bess spray painted each pumpkin solid and simply sprinkled the glitter on the wet spray paint. This project really requires no craft skills, just a tolerance for spray paint fumes. For the large grey & gold pumpkin she let Elmer’s old school White Glue drip down the sides & sprinkled glitter on the drips. The small gourds/squash/things get their metallic sheen from the gold spray glitter applied to dried spray paint (spray glitter in the craft section at Wal-Mart). Let everything dry very well & Ta Da! Eat your heart out Martha Stewart…

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