carved screens

Remember when Tracery had a blog and posted regularly?  We do too, and we’re back at it!  Thanks for sticking with us through the lapse, we have the BEST clients, fans and friends–it means a lot all of us that you all keep up with us and respond so enthusiastically to our work!

Now, for something new:


Look what just arrived in the shop…fresh from Atlanta where Paige, Doug and Bess picked them up from one of our secret sources for unique items.  These carved screens are always crowd pleasers in our Rosemary Beach shop and they sell FAST!

We’ve turned a few of the screens into mirrors (see the far left and right ones) and left the rest as is.  These items make great wall decor–especially in stairways and over headboards (the long skinny ones are the perfect proportion for hanging over a bed).  We like  to prop them on mantles and in bookcases too.


On one of our buying trips this summer we decided to go out on a limb and start buying some screens with some brighter colors than what we’d been carrying and they are selling even faster than the solid and neutral colored ones (translation:  if you like the one on the left in the above photo you’d better call us fast or it will be gone!).  The screens retail in our shop for around $250 – $300 depending on the size and uniqueness of color.  If you’re interested call us at (850) 231-6755 or email shop [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com


Since Tracery is our favorite places to shop when furnishing a home, here are a few photos of the carved screens at home in our projects:


A carved screen fits perfectly propped on a countertop in the kitchen of this Auburn, Alabama home.  The rough texture is a great contrast to the polished glass tile backsplash.  [Photo by Colleen Duffley]



 A tall skinny screen is the perfect thing to fill up the wall space next to this window at the Private Residence Club in Rosemary  Beach.  The screen becomes a piece of sculpture against the crisp white walls.  [Photo by Eric Marcus]



Remember how we said carved screens were perfect over a bed?  In this Watercolor, Florida home a sunburst style cream and green screen blends perfectly with the tones of the bedding below.  [Photo by Michael Granberry]



On an awkward piece of wall above a staircase in an Alys Beach, Florida home we furnished, Anna Kay placed a carved screen to add a focal point.  [Photo by Eric Marcus]

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