painting antiques

Some people regard antiques as sacred objects that should never be altered or changed.  While we have a healthy respect for things from the past and prefer a piece with history and character to something new whenever possible — we’re not afraid to paint or change an antique when the situation calls for it.


In Tracery principal Paige Schnell’s Seagrove Beach cottage, a heavily carved and very quirky Victorian-era cabinet was given new life with…grass green lacquer!  Placed in the dining area of the home, provides storage for barware and extra dishes, and acts as a serving area for  the nearby table.



The cabinet was originally a very heavy and dark stained wood color.  Lacquered in the grass green color that serves as an accent color throughout Paige’s living and dining space, the piece takes on a sculptural quality against the bright white walls.  And yes, those are carved lions holding up the twisty columns on the upper hutch of the piece–we told you it was quirky!




[Details along the upper portion of the cabinet stand out dramatically after being lacquered grass green]

The moral of this story?  Don’t be afraid of changing furniture to suit your space.  A coat of paint can do wonders in totally transforming a piece into something new and exciting!

9 thoughts on “painting antiques

  1. I love this post. I was recently in the home of a person who had recently moved, and her previous home has been much published. It was interesting to see some of the same furniture pieces in the new home, but the biggest surprise to me was that she painted a beautiful antique from Paris to suit the tone of her new house. I could not believe that she had painted an antique! When I came home, I looked at my ‘brown’ antiques with new eyes. They would be so much more beautiful with a nice coat of paint. Great post!


  2. I’m such a big fan of you Tracery, but I have to say I’m even a BIGGER fan after reading this post. I love your neutral, traditional spaces, but it’s great that you guys take risks, too. What a perfect execution and result.


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  4. I would like to purchase an antique piece for my house and as a beginner I am not sure how/where to start. Reason why I want to go for an antique piece is that I generally like to mix new and old style furniture, also the prices has dropped down recently so I thought it would make a good investment.


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