Great lighting is key to creating dramatic spaces.  In the Inglenook of a Homewood, Alabama house pictured above, warm recessed lighting concealed in the ceiling beyond the arched opening, casts a wonderful glow onto an encaustic by Birmingham artist Maralyn Wilson.  The sculptural form of the white candlesticks is emphasized by the play between light and shadow this lighting creates.  [photo by Eric Marcus]



An orchid sitting atop a vintage metal box becomes a piece of living sculpture thanks to the dramatic lighting in this Birmingham cottage.  The pale blue background of a small abstract landscape by Atlanta artist Courtney Garrett sings against the tobacco painted wood walls.  We love how the dramatic shadow cast by the orchid’s blooms against the walls adds so much dimension to the composition.  [photo by Ryan Davis]



A dark ceiling transforms this Rosemary Beach Master Bedroom into a dramatic and cocoon like oasis.  Paige placed chocolate and white printed drapery panels against the expanse of glass to frame the view and add interest to an otherwise very refined palette in the space.  The glow from a great lamp on the chest adds an interesting element to the room — imagine how a more traditional lamp and shade would change the composition into something less unique.  [photo by Michael Granberry]



As in the last image, sometimes natural light is all that’s needed to bring drama and interest to space.  Photographer Colleen Duffley waited until just the right moment to capture this photo of a Sitting Room found in a Homewood, Alabama Spanish Colonial Revival home we helped to renovate.  Doug designed the intricately patterned paneling along the back wall to showcase the homeowners’ collection of art.  Designer and homeowner JB Hopkins furnished the room with pieces that are equally dramatic and sculptural.



We’ve mentioned before how we like to take risks and do something really interesting in small spaces like Powder Rooms.  For this gulf-front home in Rosemary Beach, Paige selected a fiery orange glass pendant fixture to hang over the sleek modern sink.  The striking contrast of the glass against the cool white walls is an unexpected and dramatic touch in this space.  [photo by Michael Granberry]

3 thoughts on “drama

  1. I love the dark bedroom ceiling! A couple years ago I painted our bedroom a deep dark grayish brown, and I swear I’ve slept better ever since 🙂 I think you have something there when you say “cocoon like”.


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