collage walls

One of our favorite ways to display a collection of photographs is to create a collage wall.  This technique is helpful when working with photos of different subject matter, sizes, color (black and white versus color) and it’s a great way to mix disparate frames together.  Here are a few examples of how we’ve used collage walls in our work:


In the stair hall of this home, located in the Hollywood neighborhood of Homewood, Alabama; a collection of photography winds up the staircase walls.  Not only is this a unique way to treat art on a staircase (think how different the space would feel if all the photos were the same size and ‘stairstepped’ up the walls), hanging the pieces this way allows you to really experience and appreciate each photo as you climb the stairs.


At the SpringHouse Restaurant at Lake Martin, we hung a collection of archival photos from the Russell Lands collection in the Waiting Hall.  Guests waiting for a table enjoy looking at the photos which depict the history of Lake Martin and the Russell Corporation–as Doug was hanging the photos the construction crew actually stopped work to come over and discuss each piece as it went up!  Hanging the art in this manner is in keeping with the casual and rustic mood of the space.


[above photos all by Eric Marcus]

In the staircase of the Southern Living Tarpon Run Idea House, Paige and Anna Kay hung photos they took themselves in Port Aransas, Texas, where the Idea House was located.  To keep with the casual feel of this coastal home, they again chose to collage the photos in a casual grouping.  The simple black frames make a bold presentation against the pale aqua wall.


[photo by Laurey W Glenn for Southern Living]

2 thoughts on “collage walls

  1. The October issue of Elle Decor features bunches of collage walls, too. Such a timeless way to display personal touches adaptable to suit any decor!
    PS I only had 2 Red Bulls at lunch today, that kid next to you at the restaurant, has nothing on me!


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