discovering vintage items on Etsy

Do you love Etsy?  Tracery’s Doug and Bess are both big fans of the site.  We haven’t made any Etsy purchases for clients…yet…but we’re starting to check it out more and more.  There’s some really great vintage items showing up on the site besides, of course, the handmade offerings that the concept is built upon.


Doug recently moved into a unit in a 1940’s bungalow court just outside of Mountain Brook Village near Birmingham.  He has added a couple of Etsy purchased vintage items to his decor, including the white ceramic owl figurine and a very fun Fenton glass hobnail covered dish–which sort of resembles a crown!  [both pictured in the cabinet above].


[Fenton hobnail dish — photo from TheCollectorsCloset, see link below]


A few of our favorite Etsy sellers are listed below (click for links).  We’d love to know yours, or any great discoveries you’ve made on the site so far.

HighStreetMarket (we love their blog too, listed in the Blogs We Read section of this site)

TheCollectorsCloset (lots of hobnail and milk glass pieces)

ThePrettyNest (a nice array of white accessories and ironstone)

ProperPactVintage (everything from vintage metal locker baskets to an avocado green vintage stapler!)

EddieRoss (lots of great vintage tabletop items and accessories hand selected by Eddie Ross himeself)

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