Holiday Decor by Tracery


The past couple of weeks have been quiet in Rosemary Beach, at least compared to the summer season…school has started and with Labor Day coming this weekend, fall is nearly here.  It may seem a little early to ask, but have you thought about your Christmas decor?

Event planning /styling and holiday decor is a service we’ve always enjoyed offering in addition to interior design.  We’re making our holiday schedule nowand would love to talk with you!  We treat event planning and holiday decor much like any other interiors project–our designers will meet with you to discuss your goals, develop a budget and then procure and install everything at the appropriate time.  We’ve helped clients start from scratch and develop a whole new holiday ‘look’ and we’ve also worked with clients to integrate cherished family items from holidays past into the mix.  Tracery can also help plan and style the perfect holiday event.

From our studios in Rosemary Beach, Florida and Birmingham, Alabama we are equipped to work with homeowners throughout the Southeast — call us at (850) 231-6755 or email shop [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com

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