SpringHouse Restaurant, revisited


Back in April, we gave you a tour [here] of the inside of the SpringHouse Restaurant at Russell Crossroads near Lake Martin in Alexander City, Alabama.  The project was recently professionally photographed and we thought you might like to see some more of this project.  Enjoy!














The private dining room, designed by architect Jeff Dungan to resemble an old stone wellhouse, wasn’t completed when we posted the first set of photos.  It’s furnished now, with a giant round table and warm linen and wool plaid drapes hung against the brick walls from a custom fabricated curved rod.  The chandelier in this space is one of our favorites and is available through Tracery.  We added oilskin shades from Village Firefly in Mountain Brook, Alabama to customize it to the room.





As great as the interiors look, the views from outside are amazing!  Springhouse is built on a hilltop overlooking acres of pastureland and woods beyond–with Lake Martin visible in the distance.





Lake season may officially almost be over, but Springhouse is open year round.  For more information, click [here].  We highly recommend!


[all photos by Eric Marcus]

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