Colonial Hills project…revealed!

We’re still working out some final details, but we can finally share a few photos of the incredible home in the Colonial Hills neighborhood of Mountain Brook, Alabama we’ve been installing for the past two weeks.

We’ve already showed you some ’empty house’ detail shots of this home [here] and [here].


Guest entering the front door of the home are immediately greeted by a dramatic presentation in the double height Foyer.  Resting atop the already much acclaimed herringbone antique oak floors is an antique french chest.  Two elegant Barbara Cosgrove lamps from our shop with custom painted shades set upon the chest.  Hanging above is an antique french wallpaper fragment, beautifully framed and lit by a double-width picture light.


In the formal Living Room beyond, an antique French limestone mantle from Birmingham’s Architectural Heritage brings instant history and charm to the room.


We offset the formality of the room by asymmetrically grouping objects on the mantle.



Elsewhere in the room, a spare dining chair rests beneath two antique french etchings, beautifully framed beneath wavy antique glass.



We created a cozy sitting nook in one corner of the Keeping Room / Kitchen area.  A pair of extra deep Verellen armchairs are paired with high gloss white floor lamps from our shop.  Painting window sash and mullions dark is one of our favorite tricks–we love how it frames the green hues of foliage outside.  Here it does just that, as well as referencing the island color in the adjacent decor.  The wonderful and unusual 1940’s era rug is from Paige Albright Orientals.


Next to the seating area, we placed an antique french farm table for family dining.  A set of six french dining chairs–formerly covered in red and gold tapestry–have been given new life, wearing a very kid friendly microfiber.  The oversized nailhead trim give some sass and playfulness to the pieces.

CH_keep table

The wonderful grey blue cabinet is the first piece we purchased for the home.  A full wall of glass front cabinets provide plenty of storage and display for the homewoners’ extensive collection of antique English transferwear.



The finishing touch in the nearby Kitchen is a pair of vintage concrete urns, which grace each corner of a long stretch of Carrara Blanca counter top.  The combination of white, grey and fuchsia appears throughout the home and this vignette perfectly frames the aesthetic of this home.

There is a lot more to show, check back for more soon!

12 thoughts on “Colonial Hills project…revealed!

  1. The prettiest home I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see more. Absolutely “beyond” fabulous!!!
    Hurry!! Put up more pictures 🙂


  2. * Everything you’ve shared here is enchanting, & the two chairs (w/ the charming, standing lamp for each), mixed with the greenery outside & the chosen draperies, just FLOATS MY BOAT!!! I’m in LOVE with that!!! It reminds me SOOOO MUCH of our beautiful suite at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara…. tOtally enchanting!!!

    Many, many thanks for putting an even BIGGER smile on my face this wonderful Sunday!!!
    Linda in AZ *


  3. Stacey, thanks so much, we love this house too! We don’t reveal fabric sources, paint colors, etc on our blog–out of fairness to our clients for whom we originally made the selections. Wherever possible we do try to let our readers know where items were sourced from. Thanks for reading!


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