A very discrete bar

We’d like to take credit for this fun little feature in the living room of a Mountain Brook, Alabama home we designed, but it was actually the idea of our client!  We’re lucky to work with folks who tend to be pretty creative in their own right, making ideas like this along the way so much fun!

56CCR 011

At first glance, this noble french antique is just a great foundation piece for the corner of this elegant formal Living Room space.


Open the doors however and it reveals a surprise:

56CCR 012

The interior of the cabinet is the perfect place for liquor bottles, decanters and Double Old Fashioned glasses.  An antique clock graces the top shelf, creating a beautiful vingnette when the doors are open to guests and preventing the view from looking too much like the inside of a cabinet.  The drawers below hold stirrers, napkins and coasters.

This little trick is easily reproduced in a cabinet of any size and a fun way to both store and display barware.

[The armoire is a French antique from Les Trois Marches in Mountain Brook’s English Village and the portrait is a Russian piece from the Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham.  Links to the websites of both establishments can be found in the ‘Places We Shop’ section in the left sidebar on this blog page.]

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