aged to perfection

Just like a fine wine, the right furniture is better with a little age on it. A well constructed piece of furniture can survive easily in a grandmother’s formal living room (you know, the one no one uses). However, it is the pieces that stand the true test of time in back sheds under coats of dust and paint and neglect that end up with the most character. These are the pieces that are over looked by many and turn out to be timeless treasures. Case in point: the two ‘farm tables’ pictured below.

pictures 044

These two tables are full of charm and would add character to any space. They are currently biding their time in our storage at the beach. Either would be a perfect breakfast table or perhaps a small dining area on a brick patio??

pictures 048

If you would like any more information (dimensions/pricing)-please don’t hesitate to call our Rosemary Beach shop at 850.231.6755.

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