Florida Travel + Life, July / August 2009

We’ve been so busy talking about the Idea House we designed for Southern Living recently, we forgot to mention another publication which recently featured our work!  The July / August issue of Florida Travel + Life features the LaPlante Residence, a Rosemary Beach home with interiors designed by Tracery principal, Paige Schnell.  We’ve showed you this house before on our blog, but here you can read about all the details and get to meet the great family that lives here!  The complete article follows:


Global Influence

by Susan Friedman

photographs by Colleen Duffley



The palette of Jon and Clair LaPlante’s home in North Florida’s Rosemary Beach pairs effortlessly with its surrounding wetlands and pine forest. Prior to its construction, Jon requested a “rambling building” from local architect Darrell Russell of Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK). “The result is a European mix of Moroccan and Italian design intended to look like a house that might have started out as a barn but has grown and evolved over many generations,” says Jon, who happens to work as a contractor and developer. The “barn” adaptation comes through prominently in the living room, where 24-foot ceilings feature cypress beams and a painted red stain between them.


To balance the height of the ceilings, designer Paige Schnell of Tracery Interiors, also in Rosemary Beach, chose large-scale furnishings and accessories, such as the two living-room chandeliers. Moroccan fixtures above the fireplace are a focal point against the earth-toned, three-coat concrete stucco finish of the walls. The latter was achieved through a burnishing technique using a steel trowel, the goal of which is to make the walls look aged. The couple handed Schnell only one must-have for the house: a beloved armoire (now in the living room) that ended up setting the tone for the antique thematic. Soon, collectibles from all over the world filled the space. “The house is full of furnishings and accessories from Turkey, Afghanistan, China and Morocco,” says Schnell. Leather, natural linens and plentiful use of vibrant tiles skillfully blend with these global pieces, thus comprising the interior’s easy-to-live with textures and materials. The result is a rich earthiness, says Schnell, who integrated gold, red and ocher tinges into the palette. Other than the antiques, all of the fabrics are designer textiles purchased through Tracery Interiors, as are the furnishings. The master bedroom takes its cue from the vivid colors found in nature, which surrounds the home. Thus, it’s “all chocolate and white with accents of blue,” says Schnell, who painted the master ceiling a dreamy and dark sea shade. It’s quite a nod to the designer’s skills that such a beautifully integrated interior evolved from just one piece of furniture. “The LaPlantes didn’t want their home to look like any other. All the antiques guaranteed that.”

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