gas lanterns

Though we are an interior design firm, we spend a lot of time thinking about the details that make exterior spaces special too.  We work on a lot of new construction and renovation projects, often hand-in-hand with the building’s architect to ensure a smooth transition between the inside of a project and the exterior.  We very often weigh in on exterior color and materials selections and of course, the selection of exterior light fixtures.


[We selected a copper gas lantern for this Homewood, Alabama residence — photo by Eric Marcus]


One of our absolute favorite ways to provide light and ambiance to an exterior space is with gas lanterns.  Gas lanterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes and suit nearly every style of project.  We’ve specified gas lanterns for contemporary coastal residences and for very traditional in-town projects.  Regardless of the project, the gentle glow and authentic nature of these fixtures always says ‘welcome.’



[Uplighting placed in the landscaping and a pair of gas lanterns make the entrance of this Auburn, Alabama home warm and dramatic — photo by Colleen Duffley]



[On the same Auburn, Alabama home we selected this slender copper fixture which features a distinctive glass hurricane–photo by Colleen Duffley]



[A row of tall copper gas lanterns against crisp stucco on a Rosemary Beach, Florida house for which we designed the architectural interiors — photo by Michael Granberry]


The costs associated with running a gas lantern are higher than an electric fixture, but we think the effect created is well worth the expense.  Gas lanterns don’t always put out as much light as traditional electric fixtures, so we often pair them with uplighting or small fixtures hidden above openings or in rooflines adjacent to the area that needs to be lit.


Tracery is proud to carry Bevolo lanterns, which are handmade in New Orleans following centuries old designs.  If you’re interested in these fixtures for your home, contact us for more information.

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