coastal cool

Tracery was born at the beach, and as such we’ve designed a lot of coastal homes over the past five years.  We pride ourselves on the fact that our version of beachy avoids a lot of the typical ‘seashells and wicker’ cliches, while still maintaining a relaxed and casual feeling.

For a family home in Watercolor, Florida we selected comfortable furniture that’s inviting.  Starting with a neutral background, we layered in bright colors and just a few well chosen nautical accents to create a coastal feel that’s sophisticated and up to date.


In the Living Room, simple white grommeted cotton drapery emphasize the high ceilings and tall windows.  Simple slipcovered furniture is durable and best of all at the beach–washable.



A bright blue and white coral print pillow adds just the right amount of coastal flair to a casual woven-back chair.



A bright red rug paired with cushy blue and white ticking stripe-slipcovered chairs is an all American combination.  A collage of antique-inspired sailing prints is another subtle coastal nod.



We hung antique wooden transoms from our shop above the bed in the Master Bedroom.  The cool blue wall color and dark wood headboard set the stage for lots of bright pattern and color on the bed.



In a room for two young boys, vintage lifesavers are the perfect nautical touch.  We hung them above old school metal beds, made up with fun orange coverlets.  The aqua and white fish pillows from our shop and a pair of antique oars are the perfect finishing touches.



[photography by Michael Granberry]

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