The piece that started the whole thing…



This humble concrete turtle is actually very important.  He (we’ve been calling him a he) is the embodiment of a lot of the concepts we integrated into the 2009 Southern Living Tarpon Run Idea House. 

Paige and Doug were shopping in Birmingham last fall when Paige got the call from Southern Living, officially inviting Tracery to design the interiors for the Idea House.  They stopped later that day into a small vintage store in Cahaba Heights and found the turtle on the front steps.  He was chipped, a little dirty and mossy, and overlooked by everyone (he didn’t even have a price tag!).  

They bought him immediately.

He lived for a few months on Doug’s desk in our Birmingham office until finally Paige took him and packed him in with accessories to travel to Texas.  She and Anna Kay placed him on the coffee table in the Family Room, right in the center of all the action.

So what does this turtle say about our design concept for Tarpon Run?  First, he’s vintage, like a lot of pieces we used in the house.  Paige has said before that antique furniture and accessories are the ultimate in recycling and green living and the turtle proves that even the humblest of items can be re-purposed.  Second, he’s imperfect–we almost always prefer a finish that has some texture and age to it.  Our style has never been about polished perfection–finishes that have some character live better and feel more comfortable.  Turtles are common to Port Aransas and Mustang Island, so we liked the subtle reference this piece made to the area.  And of course, the turtle has a certain amount of whimsy.  We don’t like to take rooms too seriously and we think this little guy adds just the right amount of fun to the coffee table arrangement.

In the coming days we are going to be sharing more design details from Tarpon Run and showing you a few areas that the magazine wasn’t able to feature (it is a big house after all!)  If you haven’t already bought a copy of the August issue of Southern Living(on newsstands TODAY) or visited the Idea House website, we invite you to do so in order to get a feel for what we created in the home.

Party at Tracery!

If you’re in the 30-A area next Thursday, July 30th we hope you’ll join us at the shop (72 Main Street, Rosemary Beach) to celebrate the Southern Living Idea House we designed.  We’re hosting an open house from 4-7, all are welcome!

This just in….

Paige is back from Atlanta and all of the splendid new goodies for the shop have started to slowly trickle in. This past week we received a shipment of lovely little lanterns that seem just perfect for an evening garden party or perhaps for adding the slightest bit of ambiance to a darkened seaside veranda.

pictures 003

The Harvest Flea Market Lanterns are available in four different colored glasses: clear, green, red & yellow [pictured in order below]. These smaller, votive sized lanterns also offer a metal handle that makes them the perfect touch to hang on a near by branch. This way you get your candlelight & free up table space.

pictures 023

We now  also carry two more ‘medium-sized’ lanterns that are constructed of clear glass w/ a bronze metal holder. The glass container is shaped like an old milk bottle, therefore they are appropriately called the Milk Bottle Hanging Lanterns [offered in Medium & Large]. And, of course, we still carry our staple glass lanterns: the Recycled Glass Lanterns. These are available in Small/Round, Medium & Large and are the larger lanterns photographed above. All of these lanterns are very reasonably priced and light weight [making them easy to ship]-if you would like anymore information please don’t hesitate to call our Rosemary Beach Shop at 850.231.6755.

Idea House Kitchens

The Southern Living website is currently featuring a slide show of various kitchens from their Idea Houses, past & present. The slide show is titled “Idea House Kitchens” and you can catch it by clicking [here]. Guess what kitchen is the first on the feature? Enjoy another ‘sneak peak’ at our Tarpon Run Idea House located in Cinnamon Shore, Texas [on news stands July 31].

[image via Southern Living website]