300 fans and counting!


Are you a fan of Tracery on Facebook?  We just crossed the 300 fan mark and we’re very excited and grateful that so many of you keep in touch with us every time you need to get your Facebook fix!  If you’re on Facebook and haven’t visited our fan page, we (after a couple hours of very frustrating research!) have claimed our own FB Vanity URL at:  www.facebook.com/traceryinteriors 

Check out our page for exclusive photo galleries, news and events, and to interact with us directly via comments and wall posts.  Many thanks for all of your comments and support, both on our blog and on Facebook.  We love that you love our work!


**PS, design blog friends:  The problem with this site that wouldn’t allow you to add us as a ‘favorite’ or link on your sites has been FIXED (thanks to our very talented web designers at The G Brand).  Show us some blog love and we’ll return the favor by adding you to our link list!

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