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paige sumblin schnell

Tracery principal Paige Schnell was one of the featured designers in the latest Thirty-A Review ‘s feature on local interior designers.  Paige’s complete interview follows [courtesy of The Thirty-A Review]:



by Julie Herron Carson

Tracery Interiors

” Since 2003, Tracery Interiors has served homeowners along 30-A as well as in neighboring communities.  Tracery Interiors has design studios in Rosemary Beach and Birmingham and a retail shop on Rosemary Beach’s Main Street.  [The] firm works to integrate every component of a home’s artistry, from architecture to woodworking and from finishes to well appointed furnishings.

Paige Schnell, owner of Tracery Interiors, says her team is known for mixing antiques with modern, cleaner pieces to create a sophisticated, but comfortable look.  “When you incorporate antiques, the home has a warm, lived-in look from day one,” she says.

In the current economic climate, Schnell sees more clients refurbishing and redesigning their existing homes, rather than purchasing new ones.  Whether the home is old or new, Schnell says along 30-A there is a trend towards a sophisticated beach look.  Along with clients themselves, designers who work in the area come from all over the country, bringing their unique influences and ideas to 30-A.  “Right now, we’re seeing two ends of a spectrum,” explains Schnell.  “Some clients are moving towards tone-neutral design, while other prefer strong, vibrant colors.  I’m not seeing as much in between those two extremes.”

When designing someone’s primary home, Schnell first thinks about the family’s day-to-day activities and how the space will be used to accommodate those needs.  For a vacation home, the key consideration is how to incorporate gatherings of family and friends into the home.  “Often, we talk through basic questions like where will my parents sleep when they visit, or how many people can sit at the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner,” Schnell says.

Schnell’s clients are becoming more aware of “green” options in interior design.  “We carry a number of furnishings in Tracery’s retail store made from recycled materials.  For instance, we offer a very popular aluminum table that’s made mostly from recycled aluminum and is recyclable itself.  I incorporate cushions colored with soy-based dye along with natural fabrics like cotton and linen.  And, of course, antiques are the ultimate recycled furnishings!”  ”


You can read the complete feature, by clicking [here]

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