vintage lantern comes home

Remember the great vintage lantern Doug found at South of Market last month?  [Click here for the original post] It’s finally hanging in its new home!  While the upstairs of this Mountain Brook, Alabama house is looking really close to finished, there is still some work to be completed downstairs.  Hopefully we’ll have this home installed by the end of July, so many more photos to come…

In the meantime, check out how good the lantern looks in place:

cranemtnbrook 005

The staircase in this home is literally like a lighthouse beacon (look at all those windows!) and we knew the fixture had to have significant presence to hang in this space.  We love how the aged iron finish of the lantern looks with the custom hammered iron railing.  The paneled walls and beamed ceiling are of pecky cypress, a type of wood prized for its distinctive holes and pock marks (which occur when a fungus attacks the swap growing trees).  We love pecky cypress for its unusual character and casual feel–here we’ve had it painted and glazed.


cranemtnbrook 007

There are still sconces and drapery and artwork on the way, but for now the crisp architectural integrity the space conveys is the perfect foundation for what’s to come.

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