Dining Room Ideas

We’ve designed every type of Dining Room, from casual nooks in beachside retreats to elegant rooms suitable for a banquet.  No matter what size room though, we believe that Dining Rooms should be comfortable, functional and that they should reflect the lifestyle and personality of the home’s occupants. 

 Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites from our portfolio:


The dining room of this Auburn, Alabama home features the owners’ treasured dining set from their previous home.  We recovered the chairs in a beautiful velvet damask to tie into the homes subtle and natural color scheme.  [photograph by Colleen Duffley]



Bold patterned drapery frame the view of Camp Creek Lake in this Watersound, Florida home.  We used a cluster of glass pendant fixtures above the table to keep from cluttering the spectacular view.  [photograph by Michael Granberry]



This home, also in Watersound, is warm and neutral but still features contemporary touches like the big chocolate drum shade from Barbara Cosgrove (one of our favorite fixtures) and creamy leather chairs.  [photograph by Michael Granberry]



Located in a Watercolor, Florida home, this room reflects the home’s casual cottage style.  We hung two pendants over the table in lieu of one big chandelier.  [photograph by Brian Gassell]



In this Redfish Village, Florida home, counterstools provide a place for overflow guests from the adjacent dining room.  [photograph by Michael Granberry]



This elegant dining room is part of a renovated 1920’s Tudor style estate in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  The room is composed of soft neutral tones accented by antique oak paneling stained a soft blue-green color.  We hung the linear antique Italian chandeliers side-by-side over the magnificent Spanish refrectory table.  [photograph by Ryan Davis]



In this Alys Beach, Florida home natural materials create an modern but casual feel.  [photograph by Eric Marcus]

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