While pink isn’t a color that we use everyday, we always love the way it turns out when we do.  Of course, pink makes any space feel feminine and pretty, but it can also be a very sophisticated color.  In the right tone, it’s very soothing and peaceful — we love to pair it with white or grey for a crisp and clean look.

Last year, we completed a house in Auburn, Alabama where pink plays a big role in two spaces.


In an upstairs bathroom, we painted the walls a subtle shade of pink.  Partnered with crisp white cabinetry and beautiful white marble countertops and mosaic tile floors, the room is incredibly soothing and peaceful.


Elsewhere in the house, we used an exquisite pink and blue silk fabric for drapery in the homeowner’s office (the house actually has His and Hers offices, and this is obviously Hers!).


The clawfooted wingback chair was an existing piece the family had owned for years.  We updated it with a crisp white slipcover piped and skirted in pink.


We are designing a bedroom right now for the most stylish four year old we’ve ever met and while pink seemed an obvious choice, we wanted to make sure the the room would be able to grow with her over time and not look like a nursery in a few years.


While this iPhone photo might not do these great fabrics complete justice, you can hopefully tell that the pink we’ve chosen for this room is a little more sophisticated than a typical ‘baby pink’ bedroom.  The center fabric, which will be drapery panels, is a linen and features a cream and grey background which tempers some of the sweetness of the pink.  The pattern is very graphic and chic and we think it’s going to be really striking in big long drapery panels, especially against crisp ‘China White’ walls.  The sheer fabric to the left will go behind the patterned linen on the windows and has sheer pink stripes with hemstitch trim which will cast a great soft glow into the room.  The fun fabric on the right will be a shower curtain in the adjacent bathroom with, you guessed it:  pink pom-pom trim.


[project photography by Colleen Duffley — click here to see more of this home on our website]

4 thoughts on “pink

  1. Wow – what a beautiful home! I love the wing chair updated with a slipcover (it gives me ideas for the two wingchairs sitting in my attic) and the lamp on top of a stack of books. Such beautiful details!

    I love your blog, and just added you to my blogroll. I look forward to reading more.


  2. The pale pink bathroom color is the perfect shade- I have been trying out pinks and cannot find something this perfect. Do you mind telling what the name and brand is? I know this is not something you do on a regular basis, but I live in Texas and hitting a perfect pink wall with all the variations of pink! Thank you


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