vintage lantern

We love vintage light fixtures and try to use them wherever possible.  Not only do they add instant texture and history to a space, but why buy a new fixture when  there are hundreds of old ones just waiting to be reused?

Here’s one of our latest finds, a fabulous lantern in slightly shabby shape, which makes us love it even more!  It’s missing one of it’s little ‘horns’ along the top, but those are the kind of unique quirks that make vintage lighting so fun to use.  It also doesn’t have any glass in its sides, but we think that will make for an interesting take on the fixture–particularly since we’re using it indoors.


We’re planning on hanging this lantern in the stairway of a house we’re a couple months away from finishing in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  The stair is in a tower that faces that street and is surrounded by windows, so this fixture will really become a focal point both inside and outside the house.  Check back soon for photos of the fixture in its new home.


[photo and lantern from the always wonderful South of Market, in Atlanta]

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