Artist Spotlight: Amy McClure of Olaria Studio

If you had to give Amy simply one title as an artist  it would be ‘jewelry maker’. However, if you take a moment to enjoy her website for Olaria Studio you realize that she has countless other talents. She makes all of her clay pieces by hand, making each item an original piece of art. She offers a range of pieces from earrings and necklaces to pottery and Christmas ornaments.

Amy’s jewelry has been a long standing staple in our shop. Not one of the ladies here at Tracery has to of yet resist the temptation when a new shipment of her work arrives. We do believe that Amy will be back in our area very soon-all the way from Boston, Mass! Do I hear ‘Trunk Show’?! We will keep you posted here. In the meantime, enjoy a few items that are listed on her website or stop by our Rosemary Beach shop to enjoy a large selection of her jewelry. [All images below from Olaria Studio website.]


[‘Crested’ Necklace]


[‘Leaves of Three’ Necklace]


[‘Batik’ Earrings]


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