Theory by Tracery


Theory by Tracery is our exclusive line of furniture, developed by our designers and hand-built in limited edition quantities by local craftspeople.  We’re in the process of adding some great new items to our collection, but before those debut we wanted to introduce you to the original pieces from the Theory collection.



The Theory Bench is crafted from three solid pieces of antique oak.  The slabs are puzzle-pieced together at the corners and the bottoms of the legs are slightly notched out.  The beautiful quality of the knots, cracks and expressed grain is evident all over the piece–but it’s been highly sanded and is very smooth to the touch.  The Theory Bench is available only through Tracery and retails for $1500.



[side detail of Theory bench]




The Theory Stool is crafted from antique oak beams reclaimed from old buildings.  No two Theory Stools are the same in character–the two shown above have unique nail holes, scratches and cracks and occasionally (like the one on the left), a Theory Stool will have a mortise hole where another beam used to intersect.  The tops are sanded smooth and scooped for comfort.  Theory Stools generally retail for around $775, but prices vary slightly due to the unique nature of the pieces.



[grain detail on top of the Theory Stool]


These Theory pieces are available in limited quantities — please contact our shop if you are interested in reserving a piece from the next limited edition run.




[photography by Ryan Davis]

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