more photos from the Decorators’ ShowHouse

Here are some additional (and better!) photos of our room at the Birmingham Decorators’ ShowHouse.



The chairs and sofa are from Tracery, as are the aluminum side tables, the carved wood cocktail table, the pillows and the lamps.  Our friends at Henhouse Antiques generously loaned us the carved wood chair (which we’ve been in love with since last summer!), the clawfoot bench and the convex mirror above the sofa.  The rug, made from vintage carpets patchworked together is from Paige Albright Orientals.



The wingback chair from our shop is a vintage piece we had reupholstered.  The wood transom panels, woven metal mesh lamp, accessories, embroidered pillow and books are also from Tracery.  The antique French table and Belgian laundry basket are from Henhouse Antiques and the Oushak rug from Paige Albright Orientals.



[Another view of the room]

Thanks also, for a couple of the pieces not pictured here, to Village Firefly for the antique iron chandelier and to Circa Antiques for the pair of upholstered stools.

The ShowHouse opens today and runs through May 10.  Please join us in supporting the Alabama Symphony Orchestra!  And remember, everything you see here (and in the rest of the house too) is for sale, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting  the ASO.

One thought on “more photos from the Decorators’ ShowHouse

  1. Oh my goodness! All I see is ‘GOODNESS’!! I love the patchwork rug from Paige Albright (of course). I love the Belgian laundry basket (my heritage). The reupolstered chair from Tracery.
    I would love to sit in the room, read a book, and drink iced tea. What a lovely, lovely space!
    Good job, Tracery designers!


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