Tracery goes Green

We know the importance of taking care of this planet we call home. Therefore, we try to utilize green or eco-friendly products whenever possible in our design work and our Rosemary Beach shop. Highlighted below are a few items we currently have in stock or could easily order from one of our vendors. If anything perks your interest please don’t hesitate to inquire at 850.231.6755.

lamp-and-table-in-shop-for-blog[Left] The Katie Lamp is handmade by artisans using papermache and old cement bags. The base is available in an assortment of colors that are all painted with low VOC paints. The lamps are crafted in Haiti to give native villagers a source of income. [Right] The cast aluminum Marlow Table is a long standing favorite of ours. You may see it along with various other styles scattered through out many of our designs. It is crafted using up to 70% recycled materials. The table itself is recyclable as well, thanks to the light weight aluminum.


Another way to ‘go green’ is to find new uses for old objects. For instance, this pair of Antique Chestnut Normandy Armoires [Above] would make a gorgeous closet in an open Loft space or an ideal pantry in a large kitchen.


This vintage Barristers Bookcase [Above] was stripped of it’s old paint to reveal a new industrial metal finish. This could be a great way to display a number of things.


Looking for an interesting sculpture for a special spot? Try a reclaimed Primitive Wood Sculpture [Left] or an old Rice Paddy Tiller [Right] mounted on iron stands. They make wonderful conversation pieces in any environment.


Frames made of reclaimed woods from old homes and barns can add character to any family photo and also make great gift ideas. Each frame is completely unique and crafted from different wood scraps found all over the state of Alabama.

3 thoughts on “Tracery goes Green

  1. I love the fact that you are using recycled materials. Very important for our Mother Earth.
    (You know that I am a liberal at heart 🙂
    I really like the Katy Lamp! All of you are designing genuises!


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