Birmingham Decorators’ ShowHouse


Tracery Interiors is honored to be participating in the Symphony Volunteer Council’s 2009 Decorators’ ShowHouse, benefiting the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  Located at 4132 Old Leeds Road in Mountain Brook, the ShowHouse will open to the public beginning April 24, 2009.

Our work will be featured in the Sun Porch, where we’re blending linen upholstery with an exquisite carved chair our friends at Henhouse Antiques are lending us, and a patchwork Oushak rug from Paige Albright Orientals.  Modern touches like aluminum side tables and a great painting by Courtney Garrett are going to create a room that’s comfortable, casual and best of all eco-friendly!  Everything we’re using in the room is vintage or made from recycled/green materials. 


[The Sun Porch, it its before state.  We’ve got a lot of work to do!]


We’ve been busy painting the room this past week (still not quite finished!) and will be moving furniture in soon.  At Tracery, we think it’s so important to support the arts in both communities that we call home, and we hope that you’ll join us in giving to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra by visiting the ShowHouse.

Information on ticket sales, dates and times and parking/shuttle schedule can be found by visiting the [ShowHouse website].

2 thoughts on “Birmingham Decorators’ ShowHouse

  1. Oh neat! I did not know this was the Showhouse. Good for y’all

    We looked at the house years ago to but. glad to see masses get to see it.



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