As mentioned below, our office is being relocated to our 72 Main Street location. This has been a very interesting process to say the least. We have realized that we might have a slight pack rat mentality and have had to purge a little. At the moment we are anxiously awaiting the movers’ arrival & our official arrival in our new ‘home’. It’s a stressful process, but exciting at the same time. I couldn’t help but share a few entertaining images from the process so far. Hopefully we will have a finished photo to share in a week or two!


Lots & lots of samples packed and ready to go.


Our new office is starting to look a little more like home.


Guess where the old desk used to be?! Oops!


Our handy man…not being so handy. Notice Paige is moving & Phillip is sitting. Guess everyone needs a break now and then? Oh well. Do I hear a moving truck outside? Time to run and whip that place into shape. Wish us luck!

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